Swallowfield Close, Crewe weather

Latitude N 53° 04' 54" Longitude W 02° 27' 25" Elevation 52 m Grid Ref SJ69475393

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Station Type Watson W8681 (Solar)
Station Latitude N 53° 04' 54"
Station Longitude W 02° 27' 25"
Station Altitude 52 m
Station Temperature (indoor) 26.3 °C
Station Humidity (indoor) 46 °C
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The weather station at Swallowfield Close is located about 2 miles from the centre of Crewe, which lies in the administration area of Cheshire East.

The station reports data to:
• Weather Underground (Wunderground) as ICHESHIR59
• Met Office Weather Observation Website (WOW) as 24733328
• Personal Weather Stations (PWS) as CREWEUK
• Citizen Weather Observer Program (CWOP) as EW2566

Other nearby stations include (distances "as-the-crow-flies"):
Wistaston Cheshire (1.3 miles)
Crewe ICHESHIR47 (2.6 miles)
Haslington IHASLING13 (2.8 miles)
Weaver View Weather (3.8 miles)
Nantwich Weather (4.3 miles)
Church Minshull Weather (7.3 miles)
Keele University (13.0 miles)

Nearby airport/aerodrome METAR reports can be found here.
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