Swallowfield Close, Crewe weather

Latitude N 53° 04' 54" Longitude W 02° 27' 25" Elevation 52 m Grid Ref SJ69475393

Dawn: 06:29 Sunrise: 07:03 Moonrise: 16:32
Dusk: 18:18 Sunset:  17:43 Moonset: 07:13
Daylight: 11:49 Day length(*): 10:40 Moon Phase: Full moon (99%, 14 days)

Welcome to Mike Christelow's weather station at CW26XB.

The weather station used is a Watson W8681 (Solar) connected to an Advent Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU N270 @ 1.60GHz notebook running Windows XP Service Pack 3 build 2600. The computer has been running continuously for 3 days and uses Cumulus v1.9.4.1099 software which has been running for 3 days. These web pages are hosted on a Netgear ReadyNAS 104 server. The station has been in operation since 14 January 2012 (prior to May 14 2017, the station was a TechnoLine WS2350).

The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight. These pages are updated every 10 minutes (though some data on this page is refreshed more frequently, every 20 seconds).

Cumulus Forecast: Settled fine.
For a proper forecast click here. For flood and weather warnings in the North West, click here.
* There will be 4min 7s more daylight tomorrow (approximately).

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Temperature and Humidity
Temperature  °C  Loading.. Dew Point  °C  Loading..
Feels like (Apparent Temperature)  °C Humidity Loading..
Average today so far 5.8 °C Change (last three hours)
-1.3 °C (Falling) Falling
Temperature range 16.3 °C Temperature one hour ago 10.6 °C
Rainfall Today  mm Rainfall Rate  mm/hr
Rainfall This Month  mm Rainfall This Year  mm
Rainfall Last Hour  mm Last raingauge tip 14:01 on 24 January
Rainfall Last 24 Hours 0.0 mm
Days since it last rained 32 Days since last dry day 0
Wind Speed (gust)  km/h Wind Speed (average)  km/h  Loading..
Wind Speed (latest actual)  km/h Wind Bearing (average) 0° ---
Wind Bearing (actual) ° --- Beaufort F0 (Calm)
 hPa  Loading..
Rising slowly Rising slowly
Cloud base (calculated by Cumulus)  2853 ft Snow depth (manual input)  0 cm
Heating Degree days 9.3 Cooling Degree days 0.0
Solar Radiation  W/m² UV Index
Current Light Level 0.0 Lux Today's sunshine hours 0.0
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Live view of Swallowfield Close, looking approximately ENE (refreshes every 5 seconds).
Swallowfield Close, Crewe, sky view looking ENE Sat24 satellite image
UK rain radar
forecast graph Solar PV generation at Swallowfield Close today

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